dipyadeep showreel

H i_ m y_n a m e_i s_V a s i l i s_K a t s o u p i s_ t his i s my showreel as a director, producer, and concept. contact dipyadeep@gmail.com

Marilou by Baby Guru

New music video introducing the band Baby Guru.
Directed by dipyadeep
Cinematography and AE by pavlos stamatis
Produced by the cOre for FILMIKI

Baby Guru - Marilu by Myspace_Greece

Sex is better in New York

The finished music video for Kid Moxie shot in New York directed by dipyadeep and nicholas alavanos. Produced by the cOre for FILMIKI

Synch 2010 campaign.

Yes we did it again. This year we got back to our ancient Greek roots and combined them with the modern Greek tragedy our country is facing. The concept is simple, but to the point. Non-greek-speaking models, without make up or any kind of beautification, try to recite the definition of tragedy by Aristotle's and the first verses from Homer's Odyssey, in ancient Greek language. The translation that appears in the subtitles are the names of the bands and artsists performing in the festival.

Concept and production of the campaign by the creative team "the cOre" and FILMIKI productions. (Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep, Nicholas Alavanos, Stathis Mourdoukoutas).
Big thanx to our casting director Nikos Vasilakis and all the participating models.

Music Video - Larry Gus - Brass Park (surround)

New years eve in Salonica Greece. We met with Larry Gus in my favorite cafe Pasta Flora darling. We cut 2 pages from the greek edition of VICE magazine featuring Spike Jonze and we went for a walk in the city center's meet market. The concept was simple, Larry Gus being Spike Jonze.
Shot with my Digital Harinezumi.


The tune is from STITCHES the new Album by Larry Gus.

New spot for Piraeus Bank (director's cut)

This is a tv spot made by me as a member of the new directorial team called "the cOre". This is the director's cut. Music by Larry Gus.

Director: the cOre (vasilis katsoupis, stathis mourdoukoutas, nikolas alavanos)
Agency: Bold Ogilvy
CD: Lazaros Nikiforidis
Prod co: Stefi
Producer: Yiannis Kiraleos

Music Video Kid Moxie - Tsunami

This is Kid Moxie's new video Tsunami from her new record "SELECTOR" (Undo Records/EMI). The video was directed by Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep and Nikolas Alavanos filmed in Elena's garden in Athens on a warm summer night. "between sand and trees..."

Kid Moxie - Tsunami (official video)

Kid Moxie - Tsunami (dirty version)

This is the (dirty version). All in nightvision. Edited by Pavlos Stamatis


I was asked by Larry Gus to make a music video as LoFi as i could. So I took some footage that I shot with my Harinezumi and this is it. The tune is from STITCHES the new Album by Larry Gus.

MEGA TV 20 years campaign

A series of TV spots to celebrate the 20 years of Mega Tv in Greece.

Director: Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep
DoP: Giorgos Kokkalis
Agency: Tribe
CR: Grigoris Moumouris
Copy: Antonis Papatheodoulou


Mega tv UEFA Champions League campaign 2009

Mega tv is the Greek tv channel that hosts the UEFA Champions League for 2009-2010. These are the teasers for the spots I directed.

Director: Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep
Dop:Olympia Mytilinaiou
Agency: Tribe
CR: Grigoris Moumouris
Copy: Antonis Papatheodoulou

the synch festival 2009 campaign

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viral spots

animation tv spots

music videos

Numbo - Larry Gus from dipyadeep on Vimeo.

ALIVE - Larry Gus + Miho cod dir: dipyadeep from dipyadeep on Vimeo.


McCann Athens 35 cool Event from dipyadeep on Vimeo.

concept and direction Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep

Forthnet Broadband City Event

directed by Vasilis Katsoupis aka dipyadeep